FAOC extends cooperation with Jordanian and Italian institutions




Under “REACH Alliance” – intercultural Dialogue Network, an initiative of 10 countries from 4 regions of the world supported by organization and public and private institutions, FAOC has recently signed a Memorandums of Understanding (MoU) with East West Center for Sustainable Development (WE Center), from Jordan and Foundation Istituto Morcelliano –Chari, from Italy.


wee WE Center is a nongovernmental, non-profit organization, established in the beginning of 2008. Its vision is to contribute in building Jordanian and International society that flourishes with peace, respect & dialogue, and owns tools of change by creatively youth hands.


fim Foundation Istituto Morcelliano is s a non-profit organisation, established in 2001. Its mission is to educate, help and support individuals, groups and the whole society, promoting initiatives in sector of training/development of minors and youngsters with a particular attention to individuals with social and economic disadvantage.

These institutions will promote mutual understanding and respect for diversity trough the engagement of activities pertaining to cross-cultural and interfaith dialogues and address tolerance and mutual understanding, namely related with Refugees and Migration Crisis; Countering Extreme Violence and Youth Awareness and Dialogue, among others. These institutions also agreed to support each other’s efforts and wherever possible, to strength their relations in areas of mutual interest.

The "REACH Alliance" was launched in March in Lisbon, and it is coordinated from Portugal by Nelson Lage, member of FAOC board. It aims to raise awareness, build bridges, strengthen alliances and promote dialogue between partner countries and their participants, encouraging active citizenship in order to stimulate cooperation and promotion of the principles, priorities and values ​​of the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations (UNAOC).