Exploring synergies for extending REACH Alliance Global Network to Portuguese Speaking African Countries



Nelson Lage, Member of the Board of FAOC and REACH Alliance lead coordinator, met with Prof. Esmeraldo de Azevedo, Head of the Center of European Studies and International Relations of Lusófona University Portugal , José Paulo Oliveira, President and CEO of the Lusofono Observatory of Economic Activities , Idalino André Magrinho, Deputy President of Foundation AIP Portugal, and Prof.Manuel de Almeida Damásio, Chairman of Lusofona Group, to discuss future cooperation under REACH Alliance, a global network of intercultural dialogue by the Foundation Alliance of Civilizations.


During the meeting held in Lisbon, both institutions agreed to soon formalize the partnership with REACH Alliance Network and explore joint activities to bring to the network institutions representative of Portuguese African Speaking Countries, known as PALOP.