The Idea Behind the Foundation

The Republic of Macedonia in 2003 was the initiator of the Summit: Dialogue among Civilizations, held in Ohrid, under the leadership of the late President Boris Trajkovski. The National Strategy of the Republic of Macedonia for the Attainment of the Objectives of the Alliance of Civilizations sets a general framework of activities related to intercultural dialogue. It defines the basic framework of on-going and future planned projects and activities in the area of education, youth, media and migration.

A team of young but experienced scholars from Macedonia came to an idea to organize an institution which would deal in specific areas such as cultural awareness, civilization diversity, peaceful conflict resolution, tolerance and mutual understanding in ethnically and religiously diverse societies. This Foundation would be beneficial for exchanging knowledge and enhancing knowledge, networks and cooperation in these fields.

Given the already mentioned dedication of the Republic of Macedonia to the goals of the Alliance of Civilizations, the team came to a conclusion that a Foundation Alliance of Civilizations would be the most beneficial for the country as well as the region, having in mind the potential this geographical area holds for producing knowledge in the range of fields from conflict resolution to religious cohabitation.