Darko Kostadinovski

Darko Kostadinovski PhotoThe State Counselor for Foreign Policy, Darko Kostadinovski, PhD, is a veteran in the sector for foreign policy in the Cabinet of the President. First he held the post of assistant to the Foreign Policy Advisor in the Cabinet of President Boris Trajkovski in February 2001. From assistant position to the foreign policy advisor in the Cabinet of President Branko Crvenkovski in 2006, in his career, he was promoted and became Head of the Department for EU and NATO issues. Kostadinovski, has a PhD degree in legal studies from the University of Ss. Cyril and Methodius, in the area of international law. His PhD thesis was focused on the "Advisory Jurisdiction of the International Court of Justice: Legal Consequences of the Court's Advisory Opinions". In his CV also noted is the support to the development of the institutions in the Republic of Macedonia, as manager of the USAID project for preparation of the legislation in the Assembly of the Republic of Macedonia in 1998, and as an observer of a project for monitoring and analysis of electronic media in the Broadcasting Council.

He attended many international seminars and conferences that promote and develop Macedonian foreign policy. He is the author of the book International Arbitration, published in 2008, and the book International Court of Justice - the Necessity of Reforms and Change (Advisory Opinions and Their Implications), published in 2015. In February 11, 2015 he has been appointed as Envoy of the Republic of Macedonia for the United Nations Alliance of Civilization.

Darko Kostadinovski is an honorary member of the Foundation Alliance of Civilizations in Macedonia.